Open Call 2025 דדליין מעודכן 15/5/24 ### קול קורא ###


Upcoming Events:

11.4.24 at 20:00: Opening  Secrets We Disclosed To Everyone by Yonatan Levy


Appendix Ongoing Project: Neta Moses

New Exhibition in Binyamin Gallery's Space: 

        Secrets We Disclosed To Everyone by Yonatan Levy


Binyamin Artists Latest Exhibitions:  

Soul Players @ Ein Hod - running till 5.6.24 

Eroding the Foundations   [blog]  [video]

Still | Life   [catalog]




Contact Info

Address5 Hameretz st, level 3
Kiryat Hamelacha
Tel Aviv
Daytime phone054-4727561 (Irit)
Mobile phone054-6969339 (Dina)
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Opening Hours:
Wed: 12:00-16:00
Thu: 12:00-16:00
Fri, Sat: 11:00-15:00
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We are a group of artists that opened a self-funded, egalitarian, clique-free and non-profit gallery in the heart of the sooty southern Tel-Aviv. The vision of Binyamin Gallery is to offer a chance to visiting curators (well-known as well as young graduates) and guest artists from Israel and abroad. We created a platform for fresh kick-ass exhibitions

Binyamin Gallery is managed as a cooperative by its members since 2011, all members are graduated highest art institutes. We provide a professional infrastructure net to motivate, guide and promote the monthly collaborators, within the art discourse. Chief curator is Dr. Elad Yaron.


Gallery Members:                                              

Iris Hassid   Dina Levy   Shlomit Liver   Tamar Sheaffer   Sarit Achtenberg   Navah Joy Uzan   Jonathan Levy   Irit Barel Bassan   Adi Hoffman   Doron Fishbein   Michal Blayer   Rubi Bakal   Inbal Cohen Hamo   Brandon Gellis   Efrath Bouana   Irit Abramovich