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דרים גירלז | DREAM GURLZ

קארן דולב | סיון לביא | ג׳סיקה פטרילק
שני פרי-נס | קלרה קייזר | לי רז
שחף שועה | אלכסנדה צוקרמן

Karen Dolev | Sivan Lavie | Jessica Petrylak | Shany Pri-Ness | Klara Kayser | Lee Raz |
Shahaf Shua | Alexandra Zuckerman

אוצרת: סיון לביא
Curator: Sivan Lavie

The exhibition DREAM GURLZ invites you to a color-filled sensory party. The artists aspire to address the viewer’s visceral experience, by creating a purely aesthetic experience. The works are abstract, feminine, brightly colored, like a princess dream, and are inspired by pop culture in color and content. The colors attract the eye, and the materiality of the works creates a kinesthetic experience.
The exhibition stems from a desire to create more space and legitimacy in the local art scene for artwork aimed in its core as aesthetic, something which is often considered trivial in Israel. By exhibiting Israeli artists alongside artists from Germany and the United States, the exhibition draws direct bridges to other global artists with similar aims.
Materiality is a common thread between the artists. They use a wide array of craft-related practices in their processes, drawing materials from the worlds of children’s crafts, car paint, and fashion stencils.