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מילכוד ונעילה
Engagement & Entrapment
Curating: Diana Ali (UK)

Ruth Eckland, Maria Gouveli, Chris Graham, Inguna Gremzde, Becky Howson, Lemeh42, Diane Maclean, Catherine Nelson, Klaus Pinter, Katya Robin, Sam Treadaway, Jane Walker, Darren Williams / Jason Davies, John King, Paola Minekov, Shauna McCann, Tamar Lev-On, Brian Ravnholt Jepsen, Cindy Hinant, Zochrot.

התערוכה עוסקת באופן שבו עבודת האמנות מפתה ולוכדת את הצופה המתמסר. בתערוכה מציגים אמנים מרחבי העולם עם עבודות חתרניות שנוקטות תחבולה ואחיזת עיניים ומקיימות כללים וחוקים של מערכת. האם הצופה יהיה שקוע? מרומה? מורשע...

Curator and Visual Artist, Diana Ali in collaboration with Binyamin Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition ‘Engagement AND Entrapment; an exhibition of contemporary art work investigating enticement, allurement and attention. Engagement is a way of capturing attention, a way of alluring and a way of enticing to possess ownership. We could implement this as a way of attracting an audience, being drawn into a system and in turn be captivated. Such methods can include smoke screens, masquerade and stings. We can be engaged in political upheaval and in contrast engaged to be married. Either way if one shows the willingness to engage then they are seized, arrested and caught, through an innocent human desire to absorb and be engrossed. Israeli based and international artists have been invited to submit work which explores a subversive engagement, use tactics and trickery to captivate and which contests rules and laws of a system. Aesthetically, artists works entices the audience, engages them in viewing and ultimately entrap them into the work. Will the viewer be engrossed, cheated or convicted?
Ruth EcklandChris GrahammBecky HowsonCatherine NelsonDiane MacleanInvitationTamar Lev On