As a new media artist Brandon Gellis creative practice is deeply rooted in his love of working across digital and analog media to explore and create speculative narratives and aesthetics through generative and computer visualizations, virtual, augmented and mixed realities, physical computing, 3D-digital design & 4D motion graphics, and digitally-interactive installation.
He creates intricate, multimedia exhibitions focused on intersections art and science and experienced through digital technologies. For Gellis, the act of digitally-manipulating moments and memories in time and place ensure temporality – altering their relevance, significance and existence – without recognition of their original state or value. Each augmented image, frame, sequence and interaction serves as a window into new and often unresolved realities.

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Eden Sank to Grief, mixed media, 2019Generations, live video + sound sensor, 2017-18Blending In, live video, processing3/p5js, web camera, 2020Afterlight, digital illustrations, 2023Twilight Oasis, digital illustrations, 2023Saline Dreams, digital collage, 2021Subtle Drifts - AI robotic drawings, video stills 2021-23Subtle Drifts - AI robotic drawings, video stills 2021-23Subtle Drifts - AI robotic drawings, video stills 2021-23Stumbling Back, laser cut vellum, 19-20Stumbling Back, laser cut vellum, 19-20MicroEcos, 3D prints, Video, Programable LED & motion sensors, data visualization, 2017-18Memorandum of Artificial Understanding, AI generated texts, digital collage, NFT, 2022-23